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The Adventure Experts at SouthEast Expeditions have the experience and knowledge to help you create the ultimate outdoor adventure for your friends, your family, or just yourself.  As perpetual innovators on and off the water, SouthEast Expeditions guides and our trips have been recognized by The New York Times, the Washington Post, Virginia Living, Southern Living, Coastal Living and dozens of other publications for providing unparalleled experiences like the World’s First Kayak Winery Tour at Chatham Vineyards, and our Kayak Clamming Expedition. 

Recognizing that even we can’t the best at absolutely everything, we have sought out partners and created packages to create incredible options both on and off the water.  The best kiteboarding and hang gliding instructors in the region work with us to provide the highest quality lessons, the most exciting trips, and the best gear in the industry. Now for 2012, the American Canoe Association has selected SouthEast Expeditions to provide their first member’s expedition to China. And of course we have weekend or weeklong getaway packages with some amazing places to stay for guests of every taste.

So whether you are just getting out on the water for the first time and looking for a great paddling trip out to see the Wild Chincoteague Ponies, or a Two Hour Tour of the Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge, or maybe you’re a more experienced paddler looking for a Full Day Kayak Expedition, or a bit of Adventure Travel, a SouthEast Expeditions experience is the kind that will create memories you’ll cherish forever, and stories you’ll tell for years to come.  So get outside, and Explore the Shore and the world beyond it with SouthEast Expeditions!

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SouthEast Expeditions at the Sunset Beach Resort

(757) 331-2680                                         32218 Lankford Highway                               Cape Charles, VA 23310

SouthEast Expeditions at BLUE in Cape Charles

(757) 695-4001                                                 239 Mason Avenue            Cape Charles, VA 23310

SouthEast Expeditions on the Wharf in Onancock

(757) 354-4FUN                                                            2 King Street       Onancock, VA 23417

SouthEast Expeditions on the Island in Chincoteague

(757) 52-KAYAK                                         6631 Maddox Boulevard  Chincoteague, VA 23336

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